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I am in Lhasa/ Tibet to send authentic items from the roof of the world and provide individual reliable service at competetive prices. We speak Englisch, Deutsch and 汉语.

This is my show-room page. I can not insert everything I can offer into ebay. Therefore I will show here a big part of what I can offer. It is NOT an online shop, you can NOT buy here directly by click and buy. But you are welcome to roam the page and then contact me and tell me your wishes. How to order, pay etc. see the links in the header.

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Tibetan antiques: mostly every day use items. I don't offer consecrated objects like old Thangkas, old statues and old Tsatsas.

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The "wangden" carpets I offer here are typical Tibetan and can be found nowhere else in the world. The technique may be the oldest weaving technique in Tibet and is still practiced in an area near Gyantse, called Wangden, especially in the village of Gabu. ... 1 2
tibetcoins new coins update 8.2013 Here new coins for August 2013
tibetcoins new coins update 7.2013 Here some new coins I found recently here in Lhasa. They are for sale.


tibetcoins new coins update 6.2013


I will publish every month a list with coins I find here in Lhasa and offer to you. Here the first one. Please click the link on the left or the picture on the right. Those coins are NOT on ebay! 1 sho KM 21

Tibetan coins: from 1792 to 1953 Tibet issued it's own coins with (mostly) no reference to China: early Tibetan coins (except some Chinese issues) were silver (China bronze), were dated (Chinese never), were struck (Chinese casted in a mould), had Nepali weight and size standards (not Chinese), were designed after Nepali coins and had no hole like Chinese cash coins. Later coins were copper and silver and carried a lion (China had portraits or dragons), denominations still were related to Nepali coins and it's fractions.

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10 Tam
5 sho 56

Tibetan banknotes: Tibetan and some other asian countries' banknotes. Tibetan banknotes were printed on several wooden blockprints (a different one each for the writing, blue, yellow red color), on different layers of paper that later were pasted togteher, sealed and serial numbered by hand ... a beautiful piece of artwork.

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50 Tam
100 Sang

Tibetan wool products: slingshots, bags, animal colars, wool etc.


Bracelets from wood, bone, amber, turquoise, corral and rudraksha seeds strung on a elastic string which fits on every hand.

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jewellery (new):

Work in progress, please visit again.

necklace bone
earrings bone

Dharma: prayerflags, incense, malas, amulets, Gau, etc.


incense cones
new malas

Antique Tibetan beads:
We restrung old malas, beads and necklaces to jewellery. Tibetans usually did not have too much phantasy and sense for beauty ... it was important to have MANY, and they were just strung together by color. So we used EXCLUSIVELY old material, mostly glass beads, but also wood, seeds, stone, bodhi seeds beads, turquoise, conch shell beads, agate, crystal ... whatever we could find.

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antique turquoise bracelet patra necklace

ration coupons: in the last century there was rationing in many countries, especially in time of war or after. China maintained a system of rationing for nearly 40 years! Here most Tibetan examples of Chinese ration coupons.

A huge collector's community in China is collecting these coupons ourdays... the Tibetan ones are quite rare.

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Cultural revolution in Tibet: Mao nostalgia items ... Mao's red book, Mao buttons, posters of Stalin, Lenin, Marx, Engels, Mao ... there is not much nostalgia for the time among most Tibetans (millions died)... but it's a part of Tibetan history as well!

Work in progress, please visit again.

mao red book button

Tibet related Chinese stamps: China issued some stamps with relation to Tibet and/ or Buddhism. I collected most of them. They are not expensive!

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Chinese bird stamps
Chinese Buddhist stamps
birdwatching: I maintain the website www.tibetbirds.com and offer birdwatching tours in Tibet, from one days trips around Lhasa to several week expeditions. I also can help making permits, tour arrangements, book cars, hotels, etc.

tibetan partridge

guiding: I did an MA in Tibetan Studies and Anthropology, come to Tibet since 1988 and live here permanently since 2007. I offer my knowledge to anybody interested in Tibetan culture. My specialities: stays with nomads or farmers, folk religious practices, wildlife in Changtang, any special topic you are interested in, e.g. a Bon religion monastery tour, a hot spring tour (haha) .... not so much the standard Gyantse- Shigatse - basecamp trip ... but I'll do that as well. Please request more information.

nomad camp


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